Who we are:

------------ Our Story ------------

Peterborough Nepalese Society (PNS) is a non-profit making community-based organisation, registered with charity of England & Wales, with charity number 1169904, and established in September 2007. Its members include individuals or families, primarily, living in Peterborough and surrounding places whose root origin is in Nepal and/or those who speak Nepalese language. Since its inception, PNS members have been ever increasing with more than 110 families living in and around Peterborough (as of September 2016). Peterborough, is located about 75 miles north of London, and is a home of many other ethnic communities including Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Polish.


Aims and objectives


PNS is committed in helping its members to integrate better with the core British values, while preserving their own culture, faith and religion, and bringing in richness of Nepalese culture to Britain. It also aims to conduct small-scale charity work in Nepal, in particular, helping under-privileged and socially deprived children.


PNS Executive Committee


The activities of PNS are driven by its constitution and members’ consensus. In order to make the PNS more active and functional, there is an executive body of 17 members, whose term lasts for two years. Mr Shiva Bhandari is the president of the current (seventh) executive body.


How do we aim to achieve our goals


PNS works towards promoting social welfare, peace and harmony amongst its members, where necessary, liaising with other local communities, and in raising funds through organising cultural and entertainment programs to help underprivileged and needy children/people in Nepal. The society is committed in establishing its healthy relationship with other community organisations in and around Peterborough.


Partner Organisations