Pride of PNS Participate in Yeti Cup
October 7, 2017
New president of PNS
October 11, 2018

PNS observes Dashain Celebration

Peterborough Nepalese Society (PNS) observed this year’s Dashain celebration on the 25th of September at Jimmy’s Restaurant located in the centre of the city. The event was attended by over 250 people with some travelling from as far as London and Leicester. The attraction of the night were the Nepali singers Kali Prasad Banskota and Hemanta Rana. The anchor of the event was Mr. Nripesh Upreti, PNS general secretary.

The programme kicked off with Nepali national anthem, followed by a welcome speech by PNS vice president (Mr Shiva Bhandari). Next, PNS President, Mr Pawan R Sharma, was felicitated for being elected as a NRN-UK member. The chief guest of the event was Mrs Shanti Thapa Magar the ICC Member of the NRNA.

PNS took this opportunity to recognise the role-model played by its football team to showcase PNS to a wider community in the UK, wherein Mr Deepak Dangi, the manager, was handed in a football signed by the chief guest and the PNS president.

After few speeches by distinguished guests, Hemanta Rana sang much anticipated song ‘Suna Saili’ (amongst others!). The stage and audience were rocking never like before. This was followed by a folk dance by our own girls (Jasmine Bista, Bhumika Khadka, Ayushma Karki and Shristi Sapkota), which turned out to be a surprised package for many of the audience. Next, Kali Prasad Banskota sang to the best of his voice, making numerous audience dance, both, in the floor and the stage. DJ of the night was Mr Hem Bista who appeared to be extremely proficient. The event became a blockbuster show in so many different ways. PNS would like to thank all its members/sponsors and Jimmy Restaurant who contributed in making this event a big success. Reflecting on the event, here’s what our president has to say:
It was an amazing program which reflected the unity of all the Nepalese residing in Peterborough and surrounding areas. This was not just a Dashain party for the sake of a party but an event where we could teach our little children the importance of our tradition and root that we follow whilst living abroad.

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